hello again

well then ......... my last entry was longer than i feel like admitting. dwelling in the past hasn't proven helpful so i simply say -- my experiences during my blog hiatus managed to help my approach on life. here are some thoughts i drummed up after reading local indianapolis writer leslie bailey's "i believe" blog post.

all perceived wrongs are part of a greater right.

our relationships with those around us are spiritual. people who challenge us most hold our greatest lessons.

we are not here for ourselves — that said, it's critical we extend the same kindness inward that we do towards others. if our center isn't balanced we inevitably spread chaos even with purest of intentions ... from solid footing we can create meaningful change around us.

truth will not stay hidden, it always presents itself; in my experience sooner is better.

life experience helps decipher authentic beauty from illusion.

with endless gratitude,



  1. Ahh, solid footing... I couldn't agree more. Even the nurturer needs nutrients.

  2. Glad your back gorgeous lady!