{art} *marie

a few images from a shoot i did make-up on this summer with photographer polina osherov. nikki sutton worked her styling magic with some beautiful dresses from identity street ware + loni wilson crafted marie's hair with her usual mastery.

*fashion + portrait photographer polina osherov


monday muse *monica mustelier

moni + i met in 3rd grade. the kids at school used to make fun of me because my jeans weren't tapered at the bottom. moni was there for me- she gave me an almost brand new pair of hutch jeans with zippers on the bottom so they could be extra tight. in addition to having a keen sense of style, moni's a tireless painter, singer, actress writer + producer.

{inspiration} *ye rin mok

i ordered ye rin mok's small etsy book for someone's birthday a couple months back. inside, the pages were as delicate as her images. going through her work, i have a sense of solemn tranquility- it feels like could gaze at her world for hours.

*photogapher ye rin mok or on etsy


monday muse *miranda july

i think miranda july is wonderful - her style is totally on point for me. most of all i appreciate how courageous + giving she is as an artist.
*performance artist miranda july


{art} bobby

hairstylist bobby cooper asked me to help out on make-up for his portfolio with photographer greg perez. it was fun being directed under bobby's vision. he's an expert in his field achieving great success by making everyone he comes in contact with look + feel wonderful.

*hairstylist bobby cooper + photographer greg perez


{inspiration} elle moss

i've never seen elle moss describe herself as a stylist but judging by her work i'd say she's just that. well not just that, she's also an expert photographer, self proclaimed 'mod housewife extraordinaire', how the list must go on. she manages to tap in to a perfect world of whimsy that's all her own. elle moss embodies a lot of what influences 'awkward beauty'. feel free to purchase her work on etsy. oh last thing, i wish she was my friend.

*photographer elle moss + elle on etsy

monday muse *linda evangelista

today is labor day so it feels different than most mondays, usually, my mondays need a little kick start. so i've decided to start picking a monday muse to prompt my inspiration through the week. i'm kicking it off with lovely linda. i found some old peter lindbergh shots from the late 80's early 90's. her less conventional beauty always reminded me of my aunt eva who was my most formative style influence from an early age. did i mention she's canadian?

*model linda evangelista + photographer peter lindbergh