{art} *awkward beauty website + photo credits

website design eric kass

photographer trinity jackson ∴ hair make-up + styling me

photographer john bragg ∴ hair make-up + styling me

photographer stacy newgent ∴ make-up me ∴ hair philip salmon ∴
wardrobe stephen garstang ∴ art direction kathy davis

photographer john bragg ∴ hair make-up + wardrobe me

photographer jason boyer ∴ make-up + styling me ∴ hair brooke ferrin

photographer harold lee miller ∴ make-up me ∴ wardrobe heather rodocker

photographer john bragg ∴ make-up + styling me

photographer polina osherov ∴ make-up me ∴ hair loni wilson
wardrobe nikki sutton

photographer stacy newgent ∴ make-up me ∴ styling stephen garstang

photographer stacy newgent ∴ hair make-up + wardrobe me

photographer greg perez ∴ make-up + wardrobe me ∴

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

many thanks to all - you make me better. it feels so nice to finally have a proper representation of my aesthetic. i hope to grow and encourage others in the way people have done for me.

{inspiration} *lorick

my friend clara directed me to lorick a couple weeks ago. so glad she did - this clothing line + the site are right up my ally. love love love it! check it out if you get a sec.

*clothing designer abigail lorick


{inspiration} *liza minnelli

found these cool old shots of liza minnelli taken by andy worhol. i dig the shades of red, contoured make-up, + her huge doe eyes.


{art} *my shots

some of the beauties that surround me. please view more on my flickr + add me as a contact if you can.


{inspiration} the powder group

my close friend + fellow make-up stylist kat sterrett reminded me the powder group was having a make-up artist summit this weekend in chicago - my own back yard. it's been a couple years since i've had the opportunity to attend one of their events so i jumped on it. these industry leaders inspire + create strong community amongst other make-up artists. so fun connecting with tpg founder michael devellis, media expert kathy aragon, yaby founder/artist liz yu , fellow vancouver native artist + agency owner jon hennessey + finally, the kindly kindred familiar face of david klasfeld creator of the clever cosmetic line occ. surrounding myself with such positive talented people gave me just the boost i needed - reminds me why i love my profession much. fun fun!


{art} *harold lee miller

it's been around 5 years since i started working with harold. i've been able to take part in quite a few of his self assignment photo essays. it's fun to watch - he works with great conviction + commitment to his stories. these are few of many of his shots that graced the pages of communication arts.

*photographer harold lee miller


{inspiration} art + ghosts

i found this lovely illustrator through twitter + liked her work immediately. when i asked if i could post on her work she replied right away + was completely charming:)

*uk based illustration art + ghosts