{art + inspiration} instant fun

fuji picked up where polaroid left off. i was recently able to capture a few photos from my sisters wedding (above). i love this little device.


{inspiration} carla ricciardi

i was fortunate to become acquainted with carla on a job a few months back. i love her dreamy feminine sensibility toward style. i'm hoping to see more of her work cross over to the northern hemisphere. meeting her gave me a little spark in the rest of my day - she is incredibly lovely, i think you can tell, it comes through in her work.

*argentina based clothing designer - carla ricciardi

{art} tasha

this was a fun one, my photographer friend stacy newgent + i meet often to chat about concepts and new ways to approach our crafts. often, nothing comes of it but this day it did. the shoot was pretty impromptu, i grabbed a my make-up + a bunch of wardrobe and headed over to tasha's. the idea was to create beauty with character. i'm really proud of the way this collaboration turned out.

*photographer stacy newgent