{art} *morning

this was about the most un-produced shoot i can remember participating in:) which was great! i had just come off a larger job so polina osherov's impromptu idea to catch some early morning light with what ever wardrobe i had in my closet was welcome. polina works with a wide range of people in the area, she does a great job of connecting people + creating a sense of community amongst us. that morning, our lovely subject stephanie kincheloe arrived at my place at 5:30 am. she's a natural beauty even at such an early hour so i did my best to keep her look pretty clean. in these shots, i used a soft lavender shadow washed over the lid with a heavy black liner to really define her eye shape. i felt the heavy liner worked with the blouse somehow.. i envisioned her as a slightly forlorn little parisian girl complete with a pouty magenta lips;) well that's what i was going for anyway.. ps i love working with models that are more than just a pretty face. stephanie really is just that although she's not shooting these days, she's quite a photographer in her own right. now day's her band ranger occupies more of her time + interest. i'm looking forward to catching them live!

*please see more of polina's photography + blog --- also stephanie's photography + her band ranger!


{inspiration} *ozlem haluk

for me, ozlem haluk's body of work comes off a little melancholy while maintaining a quirky whimsy. possibly that's where i relate so strongly?!.. in any case, she's one of my favorite flickr artists so i wanted to share her with you today after my month plus blogging hiatus. i'm hoping she helps me get my blogging groove back. so please enjoy! oh! also, if you are interested in prints she sells on etsy.