{art} *yana

it was busy morning doing hair, makeup, wardrobe + set styling for our "beautiful day" series - we shot in the thick of winter in my dining room. originally intended as a new years shoot, to bring on the new year as though a perfect fresh start morning..
i spent most of my time running around for table props (a stretch from my usual styling) that i ran a little low on time for wardrobe. i do my best to style with vintage or indie designer pieces but this time i'm a little embarrassed to say... i ended up with a target dress. i know unforgivable - but it couldn't be helped.. it worked with the pink + yellow palate i had envisioned. special thanks to dear friend + photographer stacy newgent who not only executed the beautiful day vision but fried eggs the sunny side up.

*photographer stacy newgent + her swell photo blog


{inspiration} *doucette duvall

yesterday was my 35th birthday, i'm still getting used to it.. anyway, i typically get a little overly introspective on birthdays so this year i decided to seek out a birthday dress to counter my birthday doldrums. i popped in to one of my favorite stores thrifty threads * i like it there because they have a good selection of old things + the proceeds go to a women's shelter. well happy birthday to me because local retailer 8fifteen had just donated a some of last seasons items. i found the perfect birthday frock by doucette duvall for a fraction of the price. it was love right away for the fabric, the cut.. also nice to hear they use pre existing fabrics with socially + environmentally responsible practices in the line. really really great work, i'm hoping these ladies have a long lustrous career ahead - please check them out if you have a chance.

clothing design *doucette duvall


{art} *jess

this series is some what of a departure from my usual work with photographer stacy newgent. i've had requests for more 'beauty' shots to show the make-up. in my love of photography i often prefer the image that has not as much to do with the make-up more of the over all story. for instance in this series my favorite shot is the top shot. we found some sweet spots of light that filtered through her windows just right. our dear model jessica broke open a couple bottles of Mo√ęt et Chandon for us while we munched on bazbeaux's quatro formagio. oh i almost forgot.. our dear carolyn cuttill styled jessica's lovely locks.


{inspiration} *vanessa bruno

i found this via the drifter and the gypy blog. it's wonderful in so many ways. please watch.

*designer vanessa bruno