{inspiration} *funnel

a sampling of eric's site, art + some shots of the cards he crafted for me. every time i hand one to someone it feels as though i'm giving them a little piece of art. the image on the cards + my site is me as a child + the private island i was raised on till i was 4:) during the whole branding process eric + i became great friends so it feels a little odd writing about him in any kind of a formal way. simply put, his whole heart + soul go in to his work so it shows. his patrons include: photographers, fine artists, musicians, clothing designers.. all these artists trust him to uncover personal features in creating a brand that is meaningful + honest.

*fine commercial artist - funnel *eric kass


  1. wow his work is stunning!
    i love your cards.
    is he doing wedding stationary as well?
    I would love to feature his designs on my blog as well.

  2. he brands tons of bridal photogs but not sure on stationary you might check? i'm sure he'd be honored to make an appearance on your beautiful blog.